Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some Things Maybe You Didn't Know About Sex Differences?

1.      Couples that share housework have a higher likelihood of divorce compared to more traditional couples where the wife does the bulk of the housework.

2.      Female Komodo dragons die younger than male dragons because they spend so much effort building their nests, defending their eggs and providing food for their young. This causes the females to lose weight and die at a younger age. In short, housework kills them.

3.      In general, women prefer a larger number of options in a choice set than men. This, of course, explains why my wife has 157 pairs of shoes and I have 5.

4.      Women have higher IQ scores than men on average, reversing the gender gap that existed 50 years ago when men had higher scores.

5.      Men enjoy sweet foods more than women in general, but women enjoy eating chocolate more. Go figure.

6.      Men defecate more often than women. Why do the blokes want the toilet seat up?

7.      Women vomit more often than men. Why do the girls want the toilet seat down?

8.      There is no reliable gender difference in multi-tasking. One of the biggest gender myths out there is that women are better.

9.      Women have lower stimulus thresholds and lower tolerance levels for pain. The popular myth has it the other way around.

10.  Cursing out loud helps men deal with sudden pain, but it does nothing for women, who merely feel shame about using foul language.

11.  Women dream about clothing and apparel more than men (see point 3 about shoe options).

12.  Women suffer from headaches more frequently. (Not just an excuse for not having sex?)

13.  Women can make finer distinctions among smells and tastes. (Let her do the cooking?)

14.  Women can make finer distinctions among colours. (Let her do the interior designing?)